The Hotflash Diva Blog
Who am I?

Well, I came of age in the era of disco and new wave music....went to school and became an RN. I worked for many years in various women's health settings- Labor and Delivery, Maternity, Newborn Nursery. Then I got tired of old male docs calling all the shots and went back to school to become a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner, which I've been for over a decade now. I have my own practice in which I see hundreds of women- all ages and types. I spend a lot of time educating them about women's health issues, and I was getting discouraged- so much disinformation out there. And the reliable, evidenced- based info on the web was so dry and boring. So one fine day, "The Hotflash Diva" was born, with the specific mission of bringing you, my fellow Divas, women's health news you can use!